Steel Shipping Container CSC Marine Survey

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CSC Surveys On Your Container Purchase

The International Convention for Safe Containers (or CSC) was created in 1972 by the International Maritime Organization. Once established, the CSC required that all shipping containers include a CSC plate which indicates the date the unit was manufactured, its dimensions, its weight capacity, and the containers "stackability". When purchasing a "one trip" or a cargo worthy storage container you may be required to have a CSC survey completed. The survey can take up to 3 business days depending on the back log inspectors are dealing with, so consider this when determining your delivery window.

So what exactly happens during a CSC Survey? In a nutshell, the CSC requires that a survey is completed on specific types of storage containers. The survey has two stages; Both of which ensure the safe transport of containers on cargo ships. A CSC inspector first inspects the container and compares it's specs to those listed on a CSC plate. Once it is determined that these specs match the container they are attached to, the survey is sent to the shipping company to determine whether those now verified accurate specs are safe to stack and transport on their ship.