Used Shipping Container Conditions

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Shipping Container Conditions & Grades

When buying a used shipping container it's important to understand the different conditions and grades that containers are classified by. Check out the individual grades below.

"New" One Trip Steel Shipping Containers

One trip containers are the best condition available. They are manufactured in Asia, usually in China, and shipped once overseas on a cargo ship. One trip ISO containers may have slight scratches from transport, but they usually look brand new. They are available in many different colors and in either high cube or standard height. They will last about 30 more years if they are well taken care of.

one trip shipping container, one trip steel storage container

CW, Cargo Worthy Shipping Containers

A step below one trip units, cargo worthy sea containers are still certified to ship goods. CW containers still have a valid CSC plate. Cargo worthy containers have scratches, dents and rust but this is completely normal and they are still in great condition. They will last about 20-30 more years if they are well taken care of.

cargo worthy shipping container, cargo worthy steel storage container

WWT, Wind & Water Tight Shipping Containers

Wind and water tight storage containers are no longer certified for shipping, and don't have an active CSC plate. WWT steel storage containers are primarily used for storage on construction sites, farms, schools, hotels and more. They are fully windproof and water tight. They have rust, dents, and scratches but they are structurally sound. They should last about 20 years or more if they are properly taken care of.

wwt shipping container, wind and water tight storage container

As Is Conex Containers

As is units are not wind and water tight. They may have holes or doors that do not fully close. As is steel containers can often be refurbished or repaired to make them usable for storage.

as is shipping container

Standard Features for Used Shipping Containers

All of the container conditions listed above (with the exception of as is containers) will have the following features: