Shipping Container Homes

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Shipping Containers: Homes and Buildings

Shipping container homes have become very popular over the years, making the idea of having a unique home or building with modern architecture more attractive. However, what most do not realize, is that building a home out of shipping containers is not much cheaper than a traditional home. While the framing is done for you, there are still other items that need to be factored in such as windows, doors, electrical and plumbing as well as the costs associated with transporting the containers from their original location to your new home site.

While building your own storage container home or building is possible, there are companies out there who specialize in this area. Reaching out to those individuals or companies is not only your best bet, but it also will provide you with options and solutions that you otherwise would not have known about.

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Your First Point of Contact: An Architect

If you are contemplating either building a container home yourself or want a company to do it first, contact a licensed and reputable architect first to ensure your vision is feasible. These individuals are educated in all aspects of architecture and should be your primary contact. Even if you go with a company that will build a home for you, it is best to have an architect on your side who can also help bring your vision to life.

Shipping Container Building Pros

While there may be a company that is closer to your location, below are a few reputable companies that have built homes and buildings using steel shipping containers. While DefPro is not affiliated with these companies, we wanted to provide you with a list of resources so you could get in the right direction.